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Countryfolk Films Movie

"Barefoot Country Girl"


Here's our new Barefoot Country Girl movie trailer.
Check it out when you have a chance and pass it on to others on your mailing list if you will ( as it tells how to order the movie... Remember, 100 percent of our proceeds wll go to Countryfolk youth music scholarships.)
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Here's the link for our new web movie trailer for our Countryfolk Film, " Barefoot Country Girl "

DVDs - Donation $15.95 supports the Countryfolk Youth Music Scholarships - (feature-length movie)
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It's the contemporary story of a young girl's dream to be a country singer like her grandmother in the 50s and 60s, so there are lots of flashback scenes as well. The movie features many of Maine's well-known country singers including teen singing sensation, Melissa Lynn, in a title role, as well as Nashville recording artists Erin Hay, Perley Curtis and Julie Taylor....

150 volunteer actors and 39 musicians donated more than 50 original songs for the score of this feature-length movie.
This has been a two and a half year project and all donations support youth music scholarships. "We thought this would be a unique fundraising project to support the musical dreams of today's youth"

For more about the movie and cast - SCROLL DOWN

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Countryfolk Films

is a Maine Film Enterprise


A film about "Strong Family Ties",
gold prospecting .....
a young girl's "DREAM"
and Good Ol' Country Music

More that 50 original Country songs

------------- >
Countryfolk Films " Teen Singing Sensation"

Melissa Lynn



"Barefoot Country Girl"

More film clips to come.

Watch for the 2008 DVD Feature Film release

and film footage WORLD-WIDE on YouTube - COMING SOON

Meet Melissa Lynn

Introducing "Melissa Lynn", award winning Maine teenage country singer and actress in Countryfolk Films feature-length movie, "Barefoot Country Girl", to be released in 2008.

In " Barefoot l",

Teen Ellie (Melissa Lynn) always asks her grandmother Maude ( Ginger Mae Dyer, country music Hall of Famer) what it was like performing in the 1950s-60s.

In the film Melissa Lynn will perform songs that her "real" grandmother, Laura Smith, has written. Songs like, "Angels On Golden Wings", "My Special Grandma" , "Maine In The Good Ol' USA" and a beautiful rendition of "Strong Family Ties"....

Several 1957 flashback scenes are shown with a young Maude (Margaret Arsenault) portraying the youthful singer in her band "Missy & The Mavericks

Keep watching... more details coming soon !!!!!!!!!!!:

Larry Bisbee: Director - Producer

We are in the post production process of our feature-length film, "Barefoot Country Girl". It's a story about a young girl growing up in western Maine USA, prospecting for gold with her father, ( on Maine's Swift River, where gold was found before the California gold rush of 1849 ) but always wanting to be a country singer like her grandmother was in the 1950s and 60s.

We operate the Maine Countryfolk Music Theatre in East Dixfield, Maine during the summer months, Memorial Day weekend thru Labor Day, host songwriter's workshops, jam sessions, special events and award Countryfolk Youth Music Scholarships each summer. The entire project is conducted by volunteers and it is always free to the public.

Youth Music Musicians Benefit From This Film

Proceeds from the DVD sales of this film go directly to support the Countryfolk Youth Music Scholarship Project.

Meet some of our youth scholarship performers

"Shawna" -" Patrick "- "Levi" - "Krystal" - "Travis" - "Tracy"

" Cody" - " Samie " - Kayla, "York Twins" and many more....

Scholarship Information & PHOTOS



Our production company is called "Pignose Productions" and we are Countryfolk Films. The project is "all volunteer" ( 150 volunteers ) with 63 actors from all across Maine and 39 Maine musicians have donated (more than 70 ) original songs and music for the score of this feature-length film.


We hope you'll scroll down and learn more about us and meet some of our Countryfolk Film's cast, crew, extras and Countryfolk Musicians too...And, we want you to know, "we're having FUN" with this Maine Film Enterprise.....

It will be entered in film festivals across the USA and be available to the public as a DVD feature film ..

See our trailer soon on YouTube......... More details soon... Keep checking in with us here...

Watch for regional, national and world-wide Internet promotion of this film, "Barefoot Country Girl"...

Catch the SUMMER 2008 release of this family movie.....

Picured above left to right are actors Henry Hamilton, Steve Flynn (The Departed, 2007 Best Picture Academy Award ) and Jim Merrill as cast in "Barefoot Country Girl", the soon to be released feature-length movie thru a Maine Film Enterprise, Countryfolk Films, headed by filmmaker, Larry E. Bisbee
Donald Hutchinson is pictured playing taps in a military funeral scenes in the film
Some of the cast of "Barefoot Country Girl" jammin' during a filming break on location at the Washburn - Norlands Living History Center in Livermore, Maine

KEEP WATCHING - More to come in 2008.. We'll be adding frequent updates....

Video Clips Coming Soon on YouTube

Here's More ----------->

In "Barefoot Country Girl", during a series of flashback sequences, a young Grandma Maude, portrayed by country singer Margaret Arsenault relives her 50s and 60s "on the road" tour life of their band, "Missy & The Mavericks"and her romance with her manager, Earl Adams (played by veteran musician/actor, Victor LeClerc).....

This scene shows the outcome of her backstage courting on the road.. The honeymoon begins !

The 1957 Caddy is owned and driven by country singer, Lenny Boucher. Many of the Countryfolk Films extras are seen in the background.

The wedding

The country preacher, portrayed by Ken Wentworth, ( international country music entertainer) is seen here as he performs the wedding ceremony of young Maude and Earl...

Aside from our Countryfolk film projects, there's more going on in western Maine, so, here are some of "BUCK" Bisbee's Countryfolk family of musicians, their music and antics too !

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"Barefoot Country Girl"
( a feature length movie - proceeds support youth music scholarships )

About a Dream.........

About Country Music.........

About family life and "Strong Family Ties"....


Marcel Dubois ...........

Professional Cinematographer Joins
Countryfolk Films Post Production Team

Meet our Countryfolk Film Crew

Click here -------> http://countryfolkfilmcrew.blogspot.com/

Carl Zurhorst

Acting on stage or on film in a lead role is not new for "Barefoot's" teen James, brother of Ellie (a.k.a. Carl Zurhorst - remember him from the Hollywood film, " 12 Dogs Of Christmas" ) In his younger days he called his sister " a singer with a hog-calling voice", but over the years he realized her talents and had opportunity to promote her everywhere he went around the world.

Watch for his performance in this Countryfolk Films / Pignose Productions Release in 2008

Don't miss the details in the DVD movie - Coming Soon

Mr. Byron

With years of acting experience under his belt Henry Hamilton accepted the role of Mr. Byron, owner of the local mineral store in "Barefoot Country Girl"...

In the film he has operated his "Gem Store" for years, and is finally turning operation over to his daughter "Rosey" ( character role performed by Rosey White Susbury - the real life owner of the western Maine store located on the "gold-rich' Swift River near Mooselookmeguntic Lake in the world famous Rangeley Lakes Region of Maine ).

Tho hailing from Maine, Hamilton spent numerous years performing in touring stage productions around the world as well as several years as a stoyteller on Alabama Public Radio.

Henry Hamilton

Mr. Byron, ( actor Henry Hamilton) is seen doing some off-camera panning for gold in the Swift River during filming on location in western Maine
Matthew (Steve Flynn) riverside with young Ellie (Abbie Goldberg) as they spend the day prospecting for some "yellow'.... and a chance to talk with his daughter, the barefoot girl of the valley.....


Abbie Goldberg

Our youngest actress in Barefoot Country Girl

"Barefoot Country Girl', (the movie) features several youth actors, but this 12 year old actress, Abbie Goldberg, is without a doubt, one of the finest young actors in the State of Maine.

Abbie has performed in "Music Man", been a member of "Reader's Theatre" and was in the feature film "Twelve Dogs of Christmas". She is also a talented musician and vocalist.

In this Countryfolk Films production, Abbie takes on the role of Young Ellie, who with her father Matthew (Steve Flynn from "The Departed" and "Empire Falls") pans for gold each summer near their cabin on the Swift River at Coos Canyon in western Maine. (where gold was found before the gold rush of '49 in California)

Tho prospecting every day, she yearns to be a country music singer like her grandmother Maude ( Ginger Mae Dyer) in the 1950s and 60s.

Young Ellie meets up with some unlikely characters in the movie that offer up some new opportunities for her future.

This DVD film will be offered in summer 2008 to the public and all funds raised will support youth music scholarships at the Maine Countryfolk Music Theatre http://www.countryfolkmusic.com/
in East Dixfield, Maine USA

More about the scholarships
Photo by Linda Latham, Countryfolk Music Theatre

As The Cast Was

On location in the rugged western mountains of Maine, near the northern end of the Appalachan Trail in the town of Byron, two loathsome crooks are seen here, caught in their long underwear by two hermit prospectors, during filming on the "gold-rich" Swift River, where gold was discovered more than ten years before the California "gold rush" of 1849

More film footage coming soon here and WORLD-WIDE on YouTube

Keep Watching !

Check out these teen actors, Jake Virgin and Amanda Samson during one of the 1957 flashback sequences in the film, "Barefoot Country Girl" Pignose Productions is the production company for the Barefoot. "Pickles" the pig is our LOGO buddy.

Steve Flynn,

Maine Countyfolk Films Actor

Oscar Connected

Maine actor, Steve Flynn of Windham was a member of the cast of Martin Scorsese's mob epic "The Departed" that won an Oscar for best picture at the 2007 Academy Awards.

Flynn played a detective in the award winning movie that was released in 2006 acting in scenes with Martin Sheen.

Flynn, a SAG actor, has several film credits in his portfolio, including work most recently in a Denzel Washington directed film, " The Great Debaters", the just released film "27 Dresses", also " My Best Friend's Girl", the HBO movie, "Empire Falls", with scenes with Joanne Woodward, Ed harris and Bill Fichtner. Flynn's portfolio also includes roles in Andy Fickman's film, "The Game Plan" and a role as a Las Vegas gambler in Columbia Pictures release "21"...He's had a speaking role in "Sundowning" and a role as a mobster in the film "Stiffs"..

He's also been cast in other projects, "The Living Wake", "Black Irish, " Creatures of Hollywood" and "Fiend".. Television credits include several commercial ventures and he has done print work for Orvis, Swany Luggage and the LL Bean Catalog..

In Maine in 2006-07, Flynn was cast as the lead role of Matthew in "Barefoot Country Girl", a Larry Bisbee directed independent film shot on location on the Swift River in the western mountain ranges of the state with 150 Maine actors, extras and 39 Maine musicians who have donated more than 70 original country songs for the film project.
Maine Youth Musicians Will Benefit From Sales Of This DVD Film

All proceeds from the DVD feature-length movie will support youth music scholarships at the Maine Countryfolk Music Theatre in East Dixfield..

Flynn said, " We had a wonderful cast with the Barefoot shoot and it was a great exerience working with director Larry Bisbee".

Bisbee said, "Steve is our most heraled actor in the film and he was a delight to work with". "He had good insight on his character and inspired several of the other actors to pursue their acting dreams". "Flynn's daughter, Kayleigh, is also seen in the film" Bisbee went on to say.

Post production continues into 2008 with a release planned during the summer as well as entries into several film festivals in Maine and around the United States.

Click here for photos of the
Maine Countryfolk Music Theatre

Tim Ryan

Dapper Dan, the somewhat "sleazy" Boston night club boss ( portrayed by Tim Ryan, veteran actor with film credits that include " Empire Falls" based on the Pulizer Prize winning story), brings home this character's flaws as he tries to seduce one of the main characters in "Barefoot Country Girl"..

Larry Bisbee is photographed here with Hollywood Film director-producer Christopher Coppola ( nephew of Francis Ford Coppola) Coppola operates the California based "Public Access Hollywood", using "real" people and "real" circumstances in filmmaking.

Countryfolk Film's Bisbee worked with Coppola at the Santa Cruz Film Festival in California during the ten day fest, April of 2007.

Molly Pietrosky

In "Barefoot Country Girl" the best friend of teen Ellie, ( portrayed by Molly Pietrosky) who has a romantic interest in one of Ellie's relatives , has a theatrical stage background having studied at the well-known, Deertrees Theatre in the Lakes Region of Maine, former playground of Rudy Vallee and other Hollywood luminaries.

Watch for production news, photos and trailer

on YouTube

coming soon to your town in 2008